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Evaluation of the Briefing Notes Training Program

Evaluations of the briefing notes training workshops          Participants' comments on the briefing notes training course

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Evaluations from Briefing Notes Workshop Participants

We have consistently achieved a high degree of client satisfaction in delivering this workshop to hundreds of public servants.

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Participants rate 21 factors on a scale of 1 to 10. The cumulative average rating to date is 9.0 out of 10.

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Participants' Comments on the Briefing Notes Workshops

A useful course in providing a clear understanding of the contents of a briefing note and how to tailor them to your audience.

T.S., Briefings Coordinator

Loved the interesting format, the options, stepped process.

L.S., Director

The instructor patiently addressed all of our questions and concerns. Very instructive!

J.F., Policy Analyst

The course helped me develop a more systematic approach to writing briefing notes; this was achieved by breaking the note down into its component parts.

K.K., Policy Analyst

An informative, innovative, well paced course useful for beginners and experts alike.

M.A., Manager, Corporate Planning and Reporting

The structure and examples were excellent and really contributed to my learning.

N.N., Senior Analyst


Excellent workshop!

H.Z., Environmental Program Officer

The course is a sensible, structured and interactive approach to dealing with the challenges of distilling complex topics and issues into clear and concise briefing notes.

P.C., Director

I did learn a lot from this workshop. The instructor is well-organized and has tonnes of experience.

A.F., Policy Analyst

Excellent instructor and material. A very enjoyable learning experience.

S.C., Species at Risk Biologist

Great course.

D.S., Manager, IT Risk Management

The pace, content and methodology used in delivering this course was just right. This information will be enormously helpful in my future briefing note writing endeavours.

R.S., Analyst

Excellent workshop! Not only did the instructor provide solid expertise in the subject matter, but provided a very positive and friendly environment.

J.D., Senior Programs Officer

Very informative and helpful.

S.C., Program Coordinator

This workshop will be very useful in preparing effective briefing notes in the near future. I am happy that I took this workshop.

S.R., Evaluation and Regulation Specialist

Very informative breakdown of briefing note construction.

R.N., Staff Officer

I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot and appreciated all the tips and tidbits. Thank you Rob!

J.N., IT Security Analyst

Bravo! Excellent tutor. Excellent reference documents. Excellent learning experience.

J.P., Coordinator

Very informative, helped me greatly!

A.H., Finance Administration Officer

Very well presented. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to be more efficient in writing briefing notes.

R.T., Team Leader

This was a very practical workshop that will help me to be more efficient in development of my briefing notes.

P.B., Account Manager

I thoroughly benefited from the hands-on instruction given by Rob Parkinson. The course on "The Art and Science of Successful Briefing Notes" took the fear out of the task of writing briefing notes. It provided a solid framework for future reference, and I would strongly recommend this course to all government departments.

C.J., Senior Program Officer

Well thought out, methodical approach. Thorough, engaging, fun.

E.S., Senior Branding Officer

Excellent training program.

F.R., Environmental Program Specialist

This workshop provides invaluable information on the process of synthesizing vast disparate information into one easy-to-follow briefing note.

M.-C.R., Research Coordination Officer

The discussions and exercises we did as part of the workshop were quite intellectually stimulating and deepened my understanding of the principles of briefing and writing.

N.K., Project Officer

The course is excellent. Rob draws on extensive experience and lays things out in a way that is easy to understand.

C.M., Policy Analyst

Even for someone who does not write formal briefing notes, this course will be really useful for anyone who has to provide advice to management.

J.P., Data Development Officer

Excellent breakdown of all of the elements of a briefing note! Very well done.

D.L., Business Analyst

This session was extremely well organized and presented. The real world experience and extensive knowledge of the instructor made him a valuable resource we should all have access to. The course was extremely well priced for the value it provided. I would recommend it to anyone.

K.S., Content Review Analyst

A useful learning experience!

M.L., a/Manager

Very useful for francophones writing briefing notes in English.

M.-E. M., Analyst

I learned a lot of useful information on developing effective briefing notes. I especially enjoyed discussions with colleagues within other branches in the Government of Canada.

R.V., Science Advisor

I found it very useful and I will be able to correct a lot of mistakes that I have been making in the past. The step-by-step model is easy to follow and useful for other writing assignments, not just briefing notes.

T.E., Senior Policy Analyst

I finally understand the difference between a “good” briefing note and an “excellent” briefing note.  Thank you.

G.K., Community Advisor


Revised March 11, 2016