Comprehensive Resources for Writing
Effective Policy Memos, Briefing Notes,
Briefing Books, Policy Papers and Letters

Writing For Results provides 312 pages of guidance on writing effective policy memos, briefing notes, briefing books, policy papers and letters for top-level executives.

The chart above outlines's unique approach to the tasks of writing effective briefing material for top-level executives. Some might dispute the order in which the tasks are set out, and there are indeed times when there is merit in rearranging the tasks. But no one can dispute that those are tasks that must be addressed at some point in the writing process.

You do not need to read the whole of Writing for Results in order to find the guidance you need for the task at hand. In many cases, you will find that just one section (Organization, Format and Style are popular sections) that provides the guidance you need right now. Later, when you've got more time, do have a look at the other sections. You'll be surprised at the insights you gain.